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Chapter six: Imprisoned

Aang, Katara, and Sokka camp near a small Earth Kingdom town that is controlled by the Fire Nation, which bans Earthbending. Katara convinces a young Earthbender named Haru to save an old man with Earthbending, only to have Haru captured by the soldiers. Katara devises a plan to get herself arrested so Aang and Sokka can follow her to where Haru was taken and liberate him. While at the prison, a metal sea fortress that is impervious to Earthbending, Aang and Katara incite a rebellion with an inspiring speech and the realization that coal is susceptible to Earthbending. The imprisoned Earthbenders manage to liberate themselves and return to their occupied cities.

Мировая премьера: 25 марта 2005 года