Глава третья: Южный храм Воздуха
Chapter three: The Southern Air temple

Due to an interest in reliving his old memories, Aang suggests a visit to the Southern Air Temple. He tells stories of his old mentor, Monk Gyatso, as well as sports and games that Airbenders used to play. At the temple, Aang finds a flying lemur, whom he names Momo. Upon arrival, it becomes clear to Sokka and Katara that the Fire Nation have slaughtered the inhabitants, but they keep Aang in the dark to spare his feelings. When Aang discovers the truth for himself, he becomes angry and enters the Avatar State. Luckily, Katara and Sokka calm him down and he is forced to accept that he is the last Airbender. Meanwhile, because his ship was damaged by Aang in the previous episode, Zuko needs to stop at a docking area to have it repaired. There, he and his uncle run into Commander Zhao, who manages to learn that the Avatar has been found. Zuko challenges Zhao to a duel over the right to track the Avatar, which Zuko wins. Zuko spares Zhao's life; Zhao in turn tries to kill Zuko after Zuko turns his back on Zhao, though Iroh stops the attack in time.

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